Paintings and Drawings

Studio 6
Oil on canvas
101cm h x 76cm w

My painting ‘Studio 6’ takes inspiration from my recently vacated studio at Art Space Portsmouth. My intention was to capture the fondness I had for that particular space, where I spent many hours and days painting, making, unmaking and sometimes destroying. It is a place where I expended a lot of energy and emotion, often spending many hours alone; it is a place where I experienced ups and downs; where I tried to reconcile the battle between struggle and those eureka moments which come from a breakthrough or the completion of a successful work. This is a place where I became absorbed, engaged, frustrated and content, sometimes all at once! This is ‘Studio 6’. 

Pencil, graphite and pastel on paper
240cm h x 150cm w

In my studio are boxes of different materials that have been collected over many years. My drawing attempts to capture the textures and subtleness of their individual qualities. Strung up within the space, the shadows appear as drawings on the wall, creating a life of their own.